My Agenda

Jobs & Economic Development

Too many communities in the 3rd Congressional District have the highest rates of unemployment in New Mexico. Bringing jobs and economic opportunity to our communities will be my top priority in Congress. To accomplish this, I will fight to secure more funding for our K–12 schools and Higher Education. We need to give our kids the opportunity to learn trades that will provide them with a livable wage.  I will work to provide broadband internet throughout our rural communities to promote economic growth, innovation and prosperity. We must also invest our tax dollars in needed infrastructure projects throughout this great state.

Justice & Public Safety

I ran for District Attorney because I wanted to bring a fresh approach and needed solutions to our criminal justice systems in Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, and Santa Fe Counties. While I have been tough on career criminals who have no respect for our laws, I also understand that many of the problems we face stem from the opioid epidemic plaguing our communities. This is a national epidemic that can only be solved by redirecting our resources from punishment to treatment. I want to lead the charge in Congress to solve the cause of most of the crime in our country. I will fight to legalize marijuana to unclog our criminal justice system, stop the unjust targeting of minorities, and tax the sale of marijuana to fund the massive treatment and prevention programs necessary to END the opioid epidemic in New Mexico.

Health Care Reform

Everyone can agree that insurance premiums are far too high, prescription drug prices are staggeringly unaffordable and Medicare is being threatened with crippling cuts by the Trump administration. Even more problematic, citizens who live in rural communities have to drive hours for basic medical care. Now is the time for us to solve these problems and put an end to partisan bickering. I will work with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to pass comprehensive health care reform.

Working Families

While the Republicans may have forgotten about working families, the emphasis of my efforts in Congress will be directed towards working New Mexico families by increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, passing a national paid family leave program and increasing funding for affordable housing.

Climate Change

It baffles me that despite all of the supported scientific data, the massive droughts, and historic flooding, Republicans deny that climate change is a credible threat to our future. I believe in investing in solar power and renewable energy. I oppose fracking and believe that we have to quickly move away from fossil fuels in order to protect our future. Moreover, I strongly believe that we must support our tribal brothers and sisters who are fighting with the fossil fuel industry to protect their lands and heritage.

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