The Dark Money Out of Politics Pledge

The 2010 US Supreme Court decision in ​Citizens United​ marked the advent of dark money groups propping up campaigns with large monetary contributions, often in the form of mailers and TV ad-buys in political elections.

For those unaware, dark money groups spend large amounts of money on political campaigns without disclosing who donated to them. This is incredibly troubling and dangerous because it allows corporations, foreign entities, and who knows who else to subvert the will and power of the people by spending unlimited amounts of money on our elections with absolutely no oversight.

It has come to all of our attention that one candidate for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District has ignored New Mexico’s proud traditions of fair and transparent elections and instead accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in ​dark money​ from at least two out-of-state groups.

We New Mexican public servants take pride in rebuking the influence of dark money in our political process. Let us maintain that honorable tradition.

We, the undersigned, hereby call on every candidate for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District to unequivocally reject dark money. For those who have already benefited from dark money spending, we call on them to publicly reject the donation(s) and demand any dark money advertising be taken off the air.