Anti-Semitism and hate speech are on the rise in America. As a District Attorney prosecuting criminals, I see how hateful ideas escalate to hateful speech – until finally they culminate in hateful action.

Valarie Plame received lots of media attention for her announcement video. What you didn’t see is her track record promoting anti-Semitic hate speech. When I stood up to hold her accountable, she tried to cover it up by lying about joining a local synagogue – it’s shameful and we deserve better.

Simply put – we can’t let someone who holds these views represent us in Congress.

That’s why my campaign has pulled together this video to let America know what she’s trying to do in New Mexico.

If you agree that voters deserve to know her track record and how I’ve stood up to hate speech my entire career, I hope you’ll join this team with a contribution.

Thank you for your support and for all you do to combat hate speech in America.

– Marco Serna