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Santa Fe, NM – The Marco Serna for Congress Committee released its first campaign video for the 2020 Primary election.  Titled “Exposed,” the 68-second video is a response to Valerie Plame’s video entitled, “Undercover.”

The purpose of the video, according to JonCarlo Serna, Campaign Chairman, “is to bring truth in advertisement. For Valerie Plame to kick off her campaign with a video that is purposefully misleading and factually incorrect informs the voters a lot about her candidacy.” The Washington Post has given the video “three Pinocchio’s” and many national media outlets have criticized the credibility of the video. Serna stated, “In addition, we want voters to compare the difference between one candidate’s video that, while exciting to watch, fails to address any issues facing the 3rd Congressional District with one that clearly states how important issues are to New Mexican voters.”

Serna continued by stating, “Even more distressing is Plame’s attempt to whitewash her previous anti-Semitic views. ‘To forward a tweet that asserted that ‘Jews owned the media’ and that ‘Jews should wear labels on national television and their beliefs are as dangerous as a bottle of rat poison’ is inexcusable, Chris Cuomo on CNN took Valerie Plame to task on Prime Time by asking, ‘Why would you do this?’ Former Santa Fe Mayor Sam Pick wrote a guest editorial stating, ‘There is no excuse, no rationale to excuse this type of rhetoric. An apology is not enough, especially when Plame has a history of sharing articles like this from the same source.’”

Serna stated, “This race is far too important for us to stand aside while Ms. Plame attempts to promote a false narrative of her life and hide from her antisemitic history. Once she decided to spend tens of thousands of campaign dollars to implement damage control over her past, we had no other choice than to expose her distortions. 3rd Congressional voters deserve to know where each of us stand on the issues especially when it comes to hate speech!”